About Us

Specialised Aerosols was founded in 1971 and incorporated into a Limited Company in 1977. Specialised Aerosols is still a family run business, by the same owner who recognised a need in the industrial market for Speciality Aerosols and Cleaning Chemicals to be of the highest Quality on the market at a reasonable price. After coming up to 41 years in business these principles still apply. We do not stand still but evolve in the market with constantly new and updated products that we believe are still at the top end of the market for Quality and Value.

The company’s quality is to ensure that all its products have appropriate level of specification; reliability and workmanship that fully meets customer’s specified requirements and gives maximum economic value to the customer. We offer a bespoke manufacturing system for quantity to customers under their own brand and do supply many 100,s of own label branded products to high profile companies. Mercedes Benz, Marks & Spencer, Arco, Coca Cola, Cromwell Tools, City Electricial Factors to name but a few.